Our People: Staff

Renee Combs
House Manager
Phone: 859-268-0757

Madison Cook
House Manager
Phone: 859-268-0757

Nate Graham
Executive Director
Phone: 859-266-8683
Email: Nate

Katie Anne Lester
Database and Administrative Associate
Phone: 859-268-0757 x242
Email: Katie Anne

Chelsi McDonald
Director of Development & Communications
Phone: 859-554-7664
Email: Chelsi

Jillian Pyatte
Family Room Manager
Phone: 859-268-0757 x240
Email: Jillian

Nicole Tarpoff
Special Events and Communications Manager
Phone: 859-268-0757 x236
Email: Nicole

Reuben Watson
Volunteer and Guest Services Manager
Phone: 859-268-8437
Email: Reuben

Beth White
Director of Operations
Phone: 859-268-4486
Email: Beth

Rebecca Wren
Director of Business and Human Resources
Phone: 859-268-0747
Email: Rebecca

To contact the House Manager on duty (24 hours): 859-268-0757