Committee members are charged with serving as a resource for staff, the organization and one another – sharing their expertise and working to achieve specific committee goals and objectives that support the mission of RMHC. Each committee is comprised of board members, volunteers and House staff and processes and decisions are lead by staff and the elected volunteer chair.

Board Governance Committee
The board governance committee is responsible for ongoing recommendations to enhance the quality of the board of directors. These activities include ensuring that all board members are properly oriented to the legal and ethical responsibilities of serving as a board member, assessing board composition and strategically recruiting new members, encouraging ongoing board education (finance, grant awards, etc), assessing areas where the board can improve and working with officers to identify new board leaders for officer and committee roles.

Community Outreach Committee
The community outreach committee works with the executive director to enhance the organization’s positive image with the community, funders, grant recipients and the media. The committee works to develop a public relations plan and could assist with other communications activities such as newsletters, press releases, etc. Additionally, the committee complements the efforts of the Fund Development Committee by promoting RMHC of the Bluegrass fundraising activities and events.

Facilities Committee
The facilities committee works with the Operations Manager regarding issues pertaining to functionality and long range planning related to the physical plant, including the House and gardens of the Ronald McDonald House program. This includes communication with other committees, Board, and staff as required to execute responsibilities. Objectives include: maintaining a healthful environment (including considerations of environmental impact), increasing efficiency as well as anticipating future needs, maximizing potentials of existing infrastructure, gathering data, and establishing procedures to facilitate provision for anticipated needs within standards for design consistency and fiscal parameters.

Fiscal Services Committee
The fiscal services committee is responsible for assisting the board in ensuring the organization is in good fiscal health. The committee ensures that accurate and complete financial records are being maintained, that financial records are prepared and shared with the board prior to each meeting, assists the executive director in preparing the annual operating budget, safeguards the organization’s assets, ensures that the full board understands the organization’s finances and ensures compliance with federal, state and other filing requirements.

Fund Development Committee
The fund development committee provides leadership and direction for the board in fund raising activities. The committee ensures active board participation in giving and all fundraising activities. The committee also works with the executive director to ensure that fund development and donor recognition plans are in place for the organization.

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