Work Groups

Service Hours

Occasional one-time volunteer opportunities are also available. Perfect for students, community service projects, and groups employed by service minded organizations this volunteer experience demonstrates that many hands make light work.

A home for 21 families demands continuous clean-up, which is easy if many join together to tackle the jobs. Come in to help clean out kitchen cupboards, disinfect the playroom, tidy up storage areas, dust the bookshelves, organize the linen closet and more! Household chores can be fun when done in cooperation with friends, in an environment which appreciates your visit. Chore groups are scheduled based on House needs and availability, groups of 10 or less are preferred.

Due to the nature of our House and the families that we serve, we are unable to provide service hours for court required incidents.

Join a RMHC of the Bluegrass Committee

Committee members are charged with serving as a resource for staff, the organization and one another – sharing their expertise and working to achieve specific committee goals and objectives that support the mission of RMHC. Learn more about our different committees here!

Prefer to work from home?

If you are interested in helping families staying at Ronald McDonald House or one of our Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, but don’t have an extended amount of time available to visit the House or the hospital, are too young, or have a group that is too large to accommodate, we have plenty of suggestions for things that you can work on from your very own home.