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A Year In Review

Ronald McDonald House

  • 5,751 nights
  • 418 families
  • 78% occupancy
  • Average length of stay: 11 nights
  • Our cost to provide lodging per night, per family: $72.00
  • Average amount contributed by guests per night: $2.25
  • Longest stay: 122 nights (family from Taylor County)
  • Top five KY counties: Laurel (468 nights), Pike (340 nights), Knox (331 nights), Montgomery (255 nights), Pulaski (255 nights), and Madison (239 nights)
  • 70% of nights of lodging were for families of preemies
  • Furthest a family travel to stay at RMH of the Bluegrass: 6,814 miles (Japan)

Volunteer Program:

  • 203 Shift Volunteers (4,434 hours)
  • 172 Dinner Groups provided 95% dinner coverage throughout the year
  • The number of Service Groups helping the House has more than doubled since 2011 (from 52 groups in 2011 to 111 in 2013)

Facility Upgrade:

  • Long-term suites completely renovated from the studs up
  • Local Eagle Scout project organized upstairs storage area with new shelving and paint

Guest Exit Satisfaction Survey:

  • 256 of the 418 families participated in the survey (61%)
  • 89% of respondents said, “Because I was able to stay near the hospital, I was better able to follow my child’s doctor’s instructions and recommendations.”
  • 92% rated staff respect “Excellent”
  • 100% would recommend staying at an RMH if there was a need

Pop Tab Program:

  • $8700 was raised from donated pop tabs in 2013
  • At an average of 70-cents-per-pound that means we collected 12,321 pounds or 15,475,713 tabs! Wowie!

Ronald McDonald Family Room

  • 15,385 guests
  • 1,693 patients benefitted
  • 85 Volunteers
  • 3,201 Volunteer hours (increasing the coverage in the Family Room by 14%)
  • 10,000+ cups of McDonald’s coffee served
  • 80 KY counties and 12 U.S. states were represented by guest of the Family Room
  • Top KY counties benefitted include Fayette, Pulaski, Laurel, Knox, and Montgomery

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

  • Centered in Hazard, the Care Mobile cares for underserved children in Eastern Kentucky
  • Over 2,000 children receive free dental care each year
  • Children who receive these dental visits have significantly less dental fear than their parents’ generation

Ronald McDonald Grant Making Program

  • 100% funded by McDonalds of Southeastern and Central Kentucky to directly benefit the children’s charities within their communities
  • Potential match up to $25,000 per year by RMHC Global
  • $15,000 awarded to date
  • Over 2,725 children benefitted to date