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Our Committees

Committee Members are charged with serving as a resource for Staff, the Organization and one another – sharing their expertise and working to achieve specific Committee goals and objectives that support the mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Bluegrass (RMHC). Each committee is comprised of Board Members, Volunteers and House Staff and processes and decisions are lead by Staff and the elected Volunteer Chair(s).

Board Development and Governance Committee

The Board Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing recommendations to enhance the quality of the board of directors. These activities include ensuring that all board members are properly oriented to the legal and ethical responsibilities of serving as a board member, assessing board composition and strategically recruiting new members, encouraging ongoing board education (finance, grant awards, etc.), assessing areas where the board can improve and working with officers to identify new board leaders for officer and committee roles.

Board Development and Governance People: Charlie Rowland (Chair), Amy DiLorenzo, Greg Hosfield, Max Smith, Scott Vollet, Will Fite

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee works with the Facility Manager and the Chief Operating Officer on issues pertaining to functionality and long-range planning related to the physical plant, including the House and grounds of the Ronald McDonald House. The committee strives to increase efficiency as well as anticipate future needs, gathering data and establishing procedures to facilitate provision for anticipated growth with standards for design consistency and fiscal parameters.

Facilities People: Derek Motsch (Chair), Ben Allen, Michael Geegan, Reynolds Hart, Greg Hosfield, Jessica Hosfield, Evan McDaniel, Joey McDaniel, Gail Moses, Jeffery Pearson, Mike Towles

Business & Finance Committee

The Business and Finance Committee is responsible for the direction and oversight of the overall financial management of the organization, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and other filing requirements and engaging in the the annual audit process. The committee safeguards the organization’s assets, provides oversight of cash flow, investment, and reserve funds through participation in the annual budgeting process and the regular review of performance reports. The committee provides information and makes recommendations to the full board to support the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities and create understanding of the organization’s financial standing to make prudent short and long term decisions.

Business & Finance People: Ryan Graham (Co-Chair), Max Smith (Co-Chair), Stacy Berge, Austen Bloomer, Kate Burton, Tyler Clarke, Scott Downing, Will Fite, Barton Hammond, John Hollon, Larry Keiser, Thomas Pavlick, Dave Winters

Special Events Committee

The purpose of the Special Events Committee (SEC) is to raise support – through time, talent and treasure – for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass. The SEC will support RMHC special events as well as increase awareness of what RMHC of the Bluegrass is and what it does to support the community. This is accomplished through social media, promotional items, event and social advertising, member spotlights within the group, and more.

Special Events People: Allison Helsinger (Co-Chair), Stacy Vollet (Co-Chair),  Laura Breaux, Randy Carter, Christa Collins, Kaylee Collins, Chloe Day, Rachel Droege, Rachel Fike, Sarah Geegan, Todd Harris, Robyn Hayes, Claudia Healy, Ami Hillenmeyer, Michael Huff, Ernie Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Mattie Lewis, Hannah Sawyer, Kathy Scorsone-Stovall, Brittany Shirley, Langdon Worley, Julie Youkilis, Elijah Zimmerman

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee works with the Director of Programs & Operations, the Chief Operating Officer, the Hospital Programs and Family Services Managers. The committee reviews, recommends and assists in identifying opportunities to expand and improve programs while providing a high-level service to our guests and volunteers. We serve together to keep families close, reflecting the values of positivity, community, innovation, respect, integrity, and passion.

Programs People: Amy DiLorenzo (Chair), Matt Bacon, Martha Crumbie, Ellen Fernandez, Meghan Frost, Ryan Graham, Lindsey Graves, Sarah Heck, Katie Anne Lester, Denise Long, Ali Slone, Brittany U’Wren, Pat Vaught, Steve Walker

Are you interested in learning more about joining one of our Committees? Contact us today at 859-268-0747.